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Woodlawn Christian Fellowship

Woodlawn Christian Fellowship Celebrated 70 and here are a few pictures

A little history on our church…

We were able to go back to 1850 for the land deeds to the property which was originally a part of Baltimore City and the lands use was farm land.

In 1936 Broad Acres Land Corporation purchased the land and created lots and our neighborhood.

Our lots were originally purchased on August 8, 1944 by the founding pastor, Roberta Gerald and her husband Eugene.

The verbal history has been told that; Pastor Gerald had a vision and a heart establish a local church in our area.

The basement was completed first and service was held in the church hall. The pastor and her husband lived in the basement and raised monies to literally raise the church.

The church building was erected and the cornerstone indicated 1946. This set us on our journey of celebrating our church.

The original name of the church was First Advent Church and was that name until 1977 when it became Woodlawn Gospel Chapel. When the church broke away from First Advent the deed and ownership was released to Woodlawn Gospel Chapel.

From the foundation of this church there has been good seed sown.

As First Advent Christian Church we supported and gave to missions and local missionaries. This heritage has continued through to today.

This thread has sown good seed for the salvation of souls and the restoration of life since the 1940’s when Rev. Roberta Gerald had a vision in her heart to plant a church in Broad Acres over seventy years ago.

                  A woman pastor was unheard of in this era but she established the work of the Lord and it still stands strong today.

As Woodlawn Gospel Chapel This heritage continued. Somewhere around 2004 the interim Pastor decided to change the name to Woodlawn Christian Fellowship. In Fact, the current pastors, Tom and Michele Perrera started out in ministry as home missionaries. They feed and ministered to the street people and homeless on the streets of Baltimore and were supported by this church from 1988-1999. They have had a relationship with the congregation since then and always said if God would every have them pastor a church it would be here. God opened the door in 2005