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Woodlawn Christian Fellowship

John & Mary Ann

I felt a sense of freedom spiritually and the love I received made me feel at home. So I stayed and I am glad I did.

In the year 2012 my husband and I made WCF our home church. Our first experience was a good one! We both felt the presence of God as soon as we walked into the building. We were not only greeted by the Holy Spirit but everyone made a point to meet us, we knew we were with the family of God.

The very first service we attended the Lord gave me a open vision during the worship. The vision convinced my husband and I that WCF had a special call to gather the body to that location for special visitations and insights from the Lord. Glad to be in a church where the winds of change are not only recognized but, is also open to the five fold ministry.

The Moskowitz's 

I was called as an intercessor almost as soon as I got saved. In this season I was asking God where I belonged. I first visited WCF two years ago but because of health issues, I had not been able to visit. This year the Lord told me that this is where I belong. I feel so accepted and loved at WCF

Veronica Matthews