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Woodlawn Christian Fellowship

Dr. Robert and Annette Stagmer are the Apostolic leaders of Revelation 22 Ministries. They are Christian leaders, who for over forty years, have been known as those who encourage, identify, train, and release members of the body of Christ into successful ministry. They started a church and two Christian schools where they served as both Headmaster and pastors.


The Great Seal of Maryland

By Annette & Dr. Robert Stagmer

This is the prophetic meaning on the Great Seal of MD. Thank you for joining us today, celebrating our 10th year of Maryland Prays. God Bless you.

  • The reverse anointing
  • The double anointing
  • Only State with a scripture on the seal
  • Psalm 5:12 “ He surrounds me with favor as a shield”
  • Double message
  • Masculine & feminine
  • Soft words & strong deeds
  • Double sign of the cross- Crossland’s, the land of the cross.
  • Double sign of the Harvest
  • Silver & Gold
  • Double crowns
  • Maryland constitution Article 35 – It is the duty of every man to worship God….
  • Maryland Charter – because of his ZEAL for the Church
  • Maryland is the OLD LINE STATE – George Washington
  • Maryland has the anointing to “Reverse the curse”
  • MD St flag is the only flag that entirely uses symbols of the mother country England